The business
of AI

Webinar series

We are facing the most exciting revolution of our time: Intelligent technologies are fast advancing and disrupting the status quo in all areas of life. The way we work and do business is fundamentally changing. We must learn to swim in the new waters. What should you know right now, and what does the future entail?

The AI webinar series, hosted by Digital Workforce, connects you with the experts and visionaries of AI. Tune in and tap into the knowledge you need to know!


Extractive text summarization and document classification

Marko Latvanen

Extracting information from natural text is a critical topic for many organizations and in this webinar we’ll be sharing a real-life customer story about how AI ( natural language processing) is used to analyze and summarize natural texts and generate new text templates based on the original materials.

Join our webinar with Marko Latvanen, Specialist at Population Register Centre (VRK), to learn how natural language processing is used to help serve citizens better.


Managing your hybrid workforce consisting of humans, robots, and AI

Jane Youdell

The future of work is humans and digital workers working together, and for many organisations it’s already an everyday situation. But how is work best managed in organisations where humans, robots, and AI technologies are working alongside? How do you make sure the right worker is given the right tasks at the right time?

Join our webinar with Jane Youdell, Head of Partnerships at Enate, to learn how service orchestration can be utilised in managing your hybrid workforce.





Busting myths about service automation with conversational AI and NLP

Matti Toivonen

So far, the automation of customer service interaction processes has been a challenge, especially in Nordic languages. Front AI provides a full range of services around Conversational AI based Service Bots. The company's technology is the most advanced AI-based NLP platform on the market that is fully scalable and available 24/7 as a cloud service. 

Join our webinar with Matti Toivonen, Chief Experience Officer at Front AI, to hear how conversational AI and NLP will bust the current myths of service automation in customer service and enhance the customer experience beyond traditional! 


Information Retrieval from unstructured data: Cases using natural text and images

Razieh Ehsani

Razieh Ehsani, Elin, is one of the leading Data Scientists at Digital Workforce and has worked a key role at many of our customers to extend business process automation beyond the capabilities of RPA. Most recently, Elin has immersed herself in research where she has also worked developing and applying an algorithm that is able to recognize patterns in prescriptions, and construct and classify the data for further processing.


From unstructured to structured data – more work for robots

Hannu Luoto

Turning unstructured data to structured data, suitable for Digital Workers to process, is one hot topic in the RPA community now. How to tackle the automation challenge and utilise e.g. emails, images and other unstructured data as a source for RPA? What are the different factors affecting the automation rate?

Come and join our webinar with Industry Lead Consultant Hannu Luoto and learn, how to increase business value by utilising various non-structured data-inputs.


The 6 Intelligent Automation Skills needed to successfully deliver AI with RPA

James Bates

Blue Prism is advancing the potential of our Digital Workforce by introducing Six Intelligent Automation Skills that enable building Smarter Robots that are Intelligent, Connected & Easy to Control.

James Bates is Partner Solutions Consultant (EMEA) at Blue Prism has 25 years of ICT experience grown from a career path built on a background of consulting, IT operations and Pre-Sales (including Product Management & Solutions Architecture), both from an End-User and System Integrator base.


Language (technology) is the key to (artificial) intelligence

Jörg Tiedemann

How can natural language understanding be learned from multilingual data? And what kind of new opportunities does machine translation provide? For these and many other interesting questions, join our next session focusing on NLP.

Jörg Tiedemann is a professor of language technology at the Department of Digital Humanities at the University of Helsinki.


Adding value to RPA with Process Mining

Michal Rosik

Using process mining before, during and after a RPA project can provide significant benefits and return on investment. Join this exciting webinar with Michal Rosik from Minit, where you’ll learn about the possibilities of process mining in combination with RPA. 

Minit is a leading independent software vendor with expertise in automated discovery, analysis, auditing, and monitoring of business processes. Its customers include global blue chip companies and other leading enterprises.


How organizations should onboard AI?

Ville Hulkko

All businesses with digital capabilities can benefit from artificial intelligence.

Ville Hulkko, is Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Silo.AI, the largest AI laboratory in the Nordics. Silo.AI serves clients on four continents across multiple industries.


A successful merger between RPA and AI

Boris Krumrey

Demystifying the relationship between RPA and AI. Are they separate or complimentary? What works and why?

As Chief Robotics Officer, Boris is responsible for the UiPath product vision and management. He has over 27 years of IT experience in Software Engineering, Application Management, SAP Basis Operation, Data Centre Operations, System and Storage operations.


Digitizing customer interactions with intelligent virtual assistants

Henry Vaage Iversen

A virtual assistant built on artificial intelligence isn't something that just magically understands what your users are talking about; it's all about cutting-edge natural language technology and state of the art machine learning models working together in harmony.


The speed of AI

Antti Merilehto

The way we do business is changing. This brings new opportunities and requirements for management and strategy.

Antti is the author of a best selling manager's guide book to AI. He has worked over 10 years in digital business with industry leading tech companies such as Google.


The curious case of AI

Harri Valpola

A number of technologies sit under the umbrella of AI. What has been done so far?

Dr. Valpola has worked on machine learning, computational neuroscience and robotics since 1993. He is also the founder of two AI companies: ZenRobotics and Curious AI Company.


AI reality check - a national and business perspective

Andreas Korczak

Microsoft´s recent study confirms the significance of AI at a national level, uncovers progress made with AI by leading companies and provides a roadmap to success.

Andreas, COO at Microsoft Finland, has been leading digitalization, change and transformation work for several years.