Adding value to RPA with Process Mining


Michal Rosik

CPO, Minit

Minit's process intelligence technology identifies issues by analyzing log data from their customer’s IT systems, and helps managers make informed decisions and design better processes. As Minit's CPO, Michal is responsible for designing and improving Minit's process intelligence technology. He makes sure that the product serves the needs of Minit's customers and helps them achieve process excellence across their enterprise.


Michal has received his Masters Degree in Managing Information Systems from the University of Bratislava, and has worked several senior positions in internationally operating IT companies before joining Minit.

Key takeaways from webinar will include:

  • Discovering bottle necks and root causes of undesirable or inefficient processes with process mining
  • Identifying best processes for automation
  • Continuous improvement, what data is available?/ How to make data available for process mining
  • Demo, this is how it works

Watch the recorded webinar:

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