Language (technology) is the key to (artificial) intelligence


Jörg Tiedemann

Professor of Language Technology, University of Helsinki

Jörg Tiedemann is a professor of language technology at the Department of Digital Humanities at the University of Helsinki. He received his PhD in computational linguistics for work on bitext alignment and machine translation from Uppsala University before moving to the University of Groningen for 5 years of post-doctoral research on question answering and information extraction. His main research interests are connected with multilingual data sets and data-driven natural language processing and he maintains OPUS, the World's largest collection of freely available parallel corpora.

Key takeaways from webinar will include:

  • Why is the ability to communicate essential for intelligent behaviour?
  • How can natural language understanding be learned from multilingual data?
  • Machine translation: What kind of new opportunities has this technology helped to open and how can it be used to reduce language-related discrimination?
  • Multimodal machine translation: The next big step?

Watch the recorded webinar

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