Busting myths about service automation with conversational AI and NLP


Matti Toivonen

Co-founder, Front AI

So far, the automation of customer service interaction processes has been a challenge, especially in Nordic languages. Front AI provides a full range of services around Conversational AI based Service Bots. The company's technology is the most advanced AI-based NLP platform on the market that is fully scalable and available 24/7 as a cloud service. Join us to hear how conversational AI and NLP will bust the current myths of service automation in customer service and enhance the customer experience beyond traditional!

Matti Toivonen, Chief Experience Officer at Front AI, is an experienced service management leader with a proven track record on developing customer experience and customer satisfaction. He has received his Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Turku, and worked in Senior Management roles at OpusCapita and Ticketmaster prior to co-founding Front AI. He is also the founder of Asiakaspalvelukokemus.fi, a professional network that advocates for the significance of customer service in generating business value.

Key takeaways from webinar will include:

  • What opportunities AI has to offer for Customer Service?
  • How will conversational AI and NLP change the game in customer interaction automation?
  • What is the value for business in automating the customer service processes?
  • What does the automation require?

Watch the recorded webinar: