Digitizing customer interactions with intelligent virtual assistants


Henry Vaage Iversen

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Boost.ai

Henry is Chief Product Officer and one of the co-founders of boost.ai, the company behind the most robust virtual assistant the market has to offer.


A virtual assistant built on artificial intelligence isn't something that just magically understands what your users are talking about; it's all about cutting-edge natural language technology and state of the art machine learning models working together in harmony. Boost.ai is a Norwegian AI software company specializing in conversational AI, and have probably the most robust virtual assistant software available on the global market.

Key takeaways from webinar will include:

  • How does the technology work
  • Where and how virtual assistants are used today in the Nordics
  • Avoiding the common pitfalls in setting up virtual assistants
  • Exploring the potential of virtual assistants meeting with digital workers (Robotic Process Automation)

Watch the recorded webinar: