The curious case of AI


Harri Valpola

CEO and founder of Curious AI Company

Dr. Valpola started his academic career in 1993 and has worked on machine learning, computational neuroscience and robotics since then. In 2007 he founded ZenRobotics Ltd. which applies machine learning in advanced robotics, and in 2015 Curious AI Company, which aims to develop artificial general intelligence. At the moment Curious AI is developing technologies for fast interactive learning, model-based control and decision making.


The webinar discusses the forms and applications of technologies sitting under the umbrella of AI: What has been done? What can be done? How should you get started with introducing intelligent technologies to your business?

Key takeaways from webinar will include:

  • What kinds of technologies sit under the umbrella of AI?
  • How have these technologies changed the world of business: What has been done so far? 'AI in action'
  • How can you get started on the road of AI?

Watch the recorded webinar: